Large printing companies now can realize significant savings by setting up their own insurance companies to handle general and professional liability, workers' compensation, and automobile insurance.
  • Structure your own insurance program, including coverage not available in commercial markets

  • Share in underwriting profits and investment income based solely on your loss experience

  • Develop a turnkey insurance program with a fronting insurance carrier if necessary

  • Obtain partial support of your program through United Insurance Company Limited 

  • Obtain advice of insurance and reinsurance experts with United

  • Stabilize premiums and continuity of coverage

  • Explore possible U.S. and Canadian tax benefits

It’s called “alternative insurance”. The Fortune 500 companies have been doing it for years. When insurance costs began to escalate in the 60s and 70s, the business giants set up captive insurance companies in places like Bermuda to help cover their risks. Captive companies buy reinsurance directly from major insurers. They operate at an equivalent of the wholesale level, and can save up to 30 percent on the same insurance purchased from a traditional insurance company.

Big Business found other advantages in captive insurance companies. Those with good loss ratios could invest the surplus premiums, and earn interest on what otherwise would be an insurance company’s profit. Recent changes in U.S. tax law reduced the corporate tax rate for off-shore captive insurance companies. U.S. companies are advised to consult with their tax advisor to determine what, if any, other impact U.S. tax reform may have on their particular captive. For Canadian companies, income from Canadian source risks may be considered Foreign Accrual Property Income (“FAPI”). (U.S. and Canada companies should carefully analyze the application of their tax laws to their circumstances.)

In addition, they were able to tailor their insurance coverages exactly to their needs, and no longer be dependent on coverages and limits offered by domestic insurance companies. This even included specialized coverage not available in the traditional insurance market. Control of claims administration resulted in greater consistency and lower defense costs.


Bermuda law regarding segregated accounts means that you don't need the capital of a Fortune 500 company to launch a captive insurance company.

You can receive the same benefits by “renting” facilities within an established insurance company that provides you with the same benefits as a captive. The concept is known in the insurance business as “rent-a-captive.” It has grown rapidly and a large portion of the insurance market today is handled through captive companies.


Large printing companies can especially benefit by establishing a rent-a-captive alternative insurance approach. United Insurance Company Limited of Hamilton, Bermuda, which has served the U.S. and Canadian printing industry’s needs for more than 50 years, has developed the expertise, along with its affiliate Independent Management Ltd., to offer you the opportunity of establishing your own insurance captive.

Your rent-a-captive can reap the same benefits of lower insurance costs, return on invested premiums and control of insurance coverages as the largest corporations. Establishing your own company is easy.

If you have staff members responsible for your insurance program, they will be familiar with the rent-a-captive concept, and can call upon our experts for any help they need. If you feel lacking in any aspect of running your own insurance company, the United staff can serve as consultants, or even provide you with a turnkey program designed for printing companies.


Think of rent-a-captive as an office building. You will be renting the space in that building to house your insurance company. The rental is the capital required for your insurance company to operate. You provide the capital, and it is secured in your company’s name. All of its earnings are accrued by your company. You have no financial obligations to other renters should any other companies’ programs suffer losses.

You will save immediately on the cost of your insurance because you will buy reinsurance directly from a major insurer – at the same price a commercial insurance company would pay for it. United is managed by experts who have ready access to the professional reinsurance market.

Premiums are based on your company’s loss experience, not on an average for an insured group. You will have the ability to keep premium costs down through improved risk management control.

Commercial insurers’ costs for administration, brokerage, overhead and company profits in some cases can reach 40 percent of premiums. You should save up to 20 percent by administering the program yourself and eliminating the profit element. You may use current and surplus premiums for sound investments based on the judgement of your Board of Directors or investment advisors. 

You will have complete control in designing your insurance program and setting its limits to fit your company’s specific needs. United’s experts can help you structure your coverages. 


United's insurance experts will work with qualified printers to analyze their needs. If you would like to investigate this opportunity or have questions, and prefer to discuss your needs personally, please call United's affiliate, Independent Management Ltd., a captive management company in Bermuda: Cyrill Whitter at 441-295-2144  or