Supporting Program Administrators and their Insureds

Program Administrators have a strong need to build strength, stability, and profitability into their businesses – and for the right programs, the United Group can help.  We have worked with our Program Administrator clients for over 20 years and consider it to be a core part of our business.  For the Program Administrator that wants to strengthen its program and share in its underwriting profits, a captive insurance approach can be the difference.

United has a unique combination of capabilities that supports quality program administrators in their businesses.  Designed to provide captive management, alternative risk facilities, and risk bearing services, United can often be the final ingredient in building and maintaining a solid program.

We provide the following capabilities:

  • Captive Management Services

  • Design and Implementation Assistance in Creating a Captive, whether it is a Single Parent Captive, a Group Captive, or a Cell in a Rent-a-captive

  • Assistance in Securing Fronting, Reinsurance, Letter of Credit, and other services

  • Reinsurance of a Small but Vital Slice of the Risk


For further information, please feel free to contact IML’s President, Cyril Whitter at 441-295-2144,